Single Core Coaxial-Cable

Single Core Coaxial-Cable

Coaxial cable refers to the cable that there are two concentric conductor, and the conductor and the shield layer share the same axis. The most common coaxial cable is composed of copper conductor insulated from the insulating material, and the outer of the inner layer insulating material is another layer of annular conductor and insulator, and then the whole cable is covered by polyvinyl chloride or Teflon material sheath.

Coaxial cable from the inside to the outside is divided into four layers: Center copper wire ( single stranded solid line or multi strand stranded wire), plastic insulator, mesh conductive layer and cable jacket. Central copper wire and mesh conductive layer form current loop.

-> Application:
Concentric conductor cable is suitable for rated voltage 600/1000V, is used to supply transmission. Coaxial conductor layer is smaller than the reactance value of the fourth ordinary four core cable to the basic state of the zero sequence, which is useful for short-circuit protection device of the automatic responsive action to ensure the safety related equipment. Cable has high resistance to interference resistance characteristics and electromagnetic lightning.

-> Decription:
Conductor: Copper wire
Insulation: PVC or XLPE
Inner covering: PVC
Outer sheath: PVC
Rated Voltage: 600/1000V

-> Operating Characteristics:
Rated voltage: 0.6/1kV
Max.permissible continuous operating temperature of conductor: 90°C
Installation ambient temperature: not less than 0°C
The bending radius of non-armored cables: not less 6D

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