Concentric Power Cable

Concentric Power Cable

-> The scope of application of concentric conductor power cable:

This product is suitable for power transmission line of rated voltage 0.6/1kV and below.

-> Construction of concentric cable:

1.Solid or stranded aluminium conductor or copper or 8000 aluminum
2.Insulation with XLPE or PE or PVC
3.For two conductor cable, it is applied a helical mesh of copper wires over the central conductor,
4.For three or four conductors cable , parallel conductor or stranded conductor
5.PVC filler
6.Helical mesh of copper wires
7. Wrapping tape
8.Black color jacket of PE or PVC

-> Concentric power cable products features:

1, with low and uniform positive (reverse) sequence and zero sequence impedance, is conducive to improving the quality of power supply.
2, a concentric conductor reactance value is lower than ordinary four core cable of the four core, is favorable to the short circuit automatic protection device of flexible action, so as to ensure the safe operation of the cable equipment.
3, has strong anti electromagnetic interference performance and anti lightning performance.
4, five core concentric conductor power cable is suitable for three-phase five-wire distribution system.

Section Core Cu Wire No./Diameter XLPE Insulation Thick PVC Beded SWA Wire No./Diameter PVC Outersheath
mm2 no. no./mm mm mm no./mm mm
16 4 7/1.7 0.7 1.2 38/1.6 1.8
25 4 7/2.14 0.9 1.2 42/1.6 1.8
35 4 7/2.52 0.9 1.2 46/1.6 1.9

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